Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Photo Dump

Well, we've had quite a few adventures this spring/summer but I've become a blogging failure... so here's a photo dump for your viewing pleasure.

 Our anniversary weekend in Seattle, including a visit to Pike's Market and delicious crab for dinner. We licked the plates clean!

 Taylor's dad came into town and we all had breakfast at Kneader's (Trent is taking the picture).Yum!

Then, we graduated :). This pic is of us in front of our beloved house in Provo. We have loved it so much here and are going to miss it a lot!


With our favorite professor, Dr. Cole, and a fellow TA of mine--

The whole McGregor clan....

*Rise and shout, the cougars are out!!!* lol

Glad to have Trent home from his mish and part of all our family festivities.

 One night after work we took a hike to the local hot springs and enjoyed a toasty dip! It was really fun, and while we had to decline some pot from some friendly neighbors, we still had a good chat and a great time :).

 And of course there has been a whole lot of rock climbing. These are just a few photos of our (especially Jordan's) excursions.

And then last weekend we went to LA to house hunt and squeezed in a couple quick beach trips to my favorite beach-- Manhattan Beach. We're really excited to be closer to the ocean! Okay mainly I'm really excited, and Jordan's really excited that we were able to score some sweet digs in Altadena close to the mountains. Everybody wins!

No date is complete without delicious ice cream, really.

And now we are packing our house for two days, then heading to Sacramento for MY LITTLE SISTER KATIE'S WEDDING!!! then we're coming back and finishing our pack/move in two additional days, driving to LA and unpacking.... getting settled/prepped for school/registering our car/getting new licenses/etc then driving to Sacramento for Jordan's half iron man (his birthday present) and then starting school, and then heading back to Utah for Jordan's LITTLE SISTER DANIKA'S WEDDING!!! What a happy, exciting zoo of a month. In case you weren't counting, if you add in our road trip to Washington the weekend before the LA trip, that's SIX 20-hour+ round trip road trips in 6 weeks. We are crazy, seriously crazy. And ya know my main thought about all this driving? If Jordan doesn't listen to Harry Potter in the next month I don't think it's ever going to happen ;).

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